Via Aberaeron-Lampeter-Carmarthen-Cross Inn-Swansea

Daily Service

Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3AG

Welsh Concessionary Passes are valid on this service


We Now operate two journeys a day on Mondays to Saturday and one on a Sunday. and it seems to be very successful. On 24th January we will add a new journey on a Saturday departing Aberystwyth at 1240hrs and returning from Cardiff at 1800hrs. Also from 24th January we will operate a new journey at the same times on a Friday and a Sunday in University Term time only

For a Timetable

Aberystwyth - Aberaeron - Lampeter - Carmarthen

- Cross Hands - Swansea

Port Talbot - Cardiff

01970 868470

With regard to the 1240 ex Aberystwyth and the 1800 ex Cardiff

on Friday & Sundays

These are only operated during University Term Time

The lent Term finishes on Saturday 12th April 2014

Therefore the last day of operation of these journeys will be Friday 11th April 2014

The first day of the Easter Term will be Monday  5th May 2014

Therefore the first day of operation of these journeys will be Sunday 4th May 2014



Student Fares Available

They are now available to all full time students

studying at any university or college

with dated ID cards

Childrens Fares

Children 5 - 15 inclusive -  Half Fare

Children under 5 - Free if not occupying a seat

Return Fares

We offer both Day Returns returning on the same day

and Period Returns which can be used within 28 days


Last year the Welsh Assembly decided to reduce the Bus Operator Service Grant by 25%. This grant is used to keep fares lower and to help with marginal bus services especially in rural areas. Savings had to be made and some fares increased.

Now the transport minister has announced that payment for carrying concessionary pass holders will be 64% of the fare from 1st July 2014 which is a reduction of 15% in the revenue. They are still saying that it is a subsidy which it is not. We provide a service (ie carry pass holders for no charge) and get paid for it. Unfortunately we cannot set our prices like other businesses do, we get told what we will be paid. This has resulted in services in Wales being cut or reduced already and more will follow.

With regard to ourselves we will have to raise fares in July and also consideration is being given to withdrawing the 1240hrs from Aberystwyth and 1800hrs from Cardiff. Plus regretably we will also have to cancel our booking service

The Welsh Assembly is of the opinion that it is ok to hand out free passes and dictate what they are prepared to pay, leaving bus companies to pay the rest. But at the end of the day if a service does not take enough revenue (including pass and cash takings) to cover costs then it has to be withdrawn. This is more likely in rural areas, so next time you catch a bus, have a look around and if the passengers are mainly passholders then the service could be in danger of being withdrawn.

The question to be asked is
If you are concerned then write to your AM or Edwina Hart at the Welsh Assembly

In a statement to Welsh Assembly Members, transport minister Edwina Hart said that as part of a study she has agreed to the trial closure of the westbound on-slip and eastbound off-slip roads at junction 41.As a local bus operator we were not consulted on the possible impact of a closure of the junction and of course, once closed, will it reopen?

The 701 operates between Aberystwyth and Cardiff and the journey has to be arranged so that there is compliance with the  drivers hours regulations. Although the diversion due to the junction closures is only 5 minutes extra each way, we do not have the time left in the timetable to comply with the regulations and operate the diversion.

As a result consideration is now being given not to call in at Port Talbot. Although we would prefer to continue to serve Port Talbot we find that we may not have a choice through no action of our own.

It is interesting to note as a regular user during the rush hour, we have found that congestion has decreased a lot since the new road was opened and wonder if the closure is now required. It would  also be interesting to find out how many accidents occurred as a result of the slip roads at this junction. Maybe someone should ask the Assembly under the Freedom of Information Act.

PORT TALBOT - Where do we go from here